Updates and Happenings

Dear Friends,

 We came to Romania on February 28, 2018 and our round-trip ticket had us returning on September 5, 2018. Our goal was to travel around to the many churches throughout the country and to Romanian churches throughout Europe, continuing to raise awareness for people with special needs. Additionally, we have a new book about Becky’s life that we wanted to distribute as an encouragement for those individuals with special needs.

However, September 5th came and went, and we are still in Romania. We understand there is a need for us to stay here for an extended period. Throughout this time, we were able to go to many churches throughout Romania, Vienna, London, Torino and Chisinau. Another goal is to form support teams that would continue the vision of Becky’s Hope, once we return to the United States. In addition to impact on a spiritual nature, we want to have an impact on a practical level as well. One such proposed project is assisting in the building of handicap ramps at the many churches throughout the country. Currently, at First Baptist Church in Brasov, there is a ramp that is needing to be built because, in the community, there is a family with 7 disabled children that are not able to attend due to the inaccessibility to enter the building. The completion of such a project can open so many doors to those who have yet to hear the good news.

Because of lack of funds, we have not been able to put together the Becky's Hope retreats since 2015. However, with the limited funds, we were able to have a one-day meeting in Chisinau, Moldova for special needs persons where 100 people attended. And a secondary one-day meeting in Orhei, Moldova where 70 people attended. At these meetings we had a time of worship, sharing of testimonies and overall encouragement for those with special needs children where we once again talked about subjects of Forgiveness and Restoration. We were able to see the impact that these meetings had on so many as they had never been around such support and care. We also visited an orphanage with 200 disabled teenagers where we were able to bring them necessities such as groceries and we had the opportunity to sit and talk to them and listen to their stories and pray for them. We wished we could have done more for them, and it broke our hearts leaving the orphanage, knowing their pain and desire for future adoptive homes.

Besides the changes we’ve made to the ministry, we have also had to adjust living here for such an extended period. Living in a small 1-bedroom apartment, not having a car and having to travel by public transportation has been a fun but challenging adjustment. Traveling by train throughout the different European cities has become a norm for us. As a funny side note, clothes dryers are very rare and mostly unused in Romania, so we have to line dry our clothes which makes it even more fun when it’s snowing and subzero outside, and our shirts get frozen solid. However, what we have learned in our living this year is to focus on what Paul says in Philippians 4:11 “…for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.”

At the start of 2019, we ask that you continue supporting us, not only through prayer, but also financially. Let’s make 2019 a year where many more people with disabilities in Romania will hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Let’s get those ramps built, so that the disabled can find community in the church and in return for those churches to become more involved in their lives.

Thank you for your love and support.

In Christ,

 Lidia & Mircea Oprean

Posted on February 25, 2019 .